Floor Maintenance

Floor Refinishing Services for the Queens, NY area


Here at Greenlion Cleaning & Maintenance Inc., some of the main services we offer to Queens, NY, are floor stripping and floor refinishing. The floors in your business can become worn down quickly due to everyday foot traffic, as well as a wide array of environmental factors, and each time your floor can lose its luster, causing your business to be less inviting and appealing to customers and employees.

Our stripping and refinishing services will clean the pollutants that come in contact with your floor coating, restoring your floors to their original sheen.


Benefits of Floor Stripping


The most obvious benefit of floor stripping is that it provides a level of cleanliness to your offices and property that displays your professionalism. Even in the space of one month, stains and spills can occur that simply make the floors unsightly. Our stripping services sand down your floors so that a new and spotless surface is revealed.

Once we’ve administered these services, the floors are then refinished with a special wax to ensure they are protected from further staining.

Since stripped and waxed floors have a reduced chance of becoming damaged, our services greatly add to the longevity of your floors, saving you a substantial amount of money in the long run. The protective layer of wax keeps spills and stains from reaching your floors, and the impact of sharp items is heavily blunted because of this wax.


Benefits of Our Service


At Greenlion Cleaning & Maintenance Inc., it’s our job to make sure that your floors are spotless and in perfect condition. We provide a 100% guarantee for our work, however, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll come back immediately to make any necessary fixes free of charge.

Call us today for a free quote or to schedule our stripping and refinishing services in Queens, NY. We can be reached at 516-442-2969.